Why is my water discolored or milky looking?
If it is your cold water, run the water for 15 minutes and see if it clears up. We may be flushing hydrants or have a main break somewhere. Please try not to use your hot water as it may plug your filter in your hot water tank.  If this still does not answer your question, please visit DWP Website to see other answers or call the office at (207) 778-4777. 
Why is my water bill so high?
Do you have a toilet that runs or do you have a faucet that drips. These are the two most common issues on why your water bill is higher than usual. If neither of these are the issue, then you may have a leak somewhere and will need to contact a plumber.  
Why does my sewer bill not match the water usage in my current water bill?
The sewer bill is a quarter behind the water bill so check your last water bill and it should have the same usage as your sewer bill. If it does not, then please contact the town office at (207) 778-6538. 
How much fluoride do you add to the water?
We do not add any fluoride to the water. We prefer to get the water to you as naturally as we possibly can.
Where can I see the water test results for my drinking water?
You can go to our home page here on our website and if you scroll down on the bottom left you will see an area that says > Drinking Water Test Results. Just click on that and it will show you a copy of our test results.
Where does our water come from?
All of our water comes from ground supply water that is located in our wellhead protection areas.   
How many customers do we serve?
 We have over 1600 services in the Farmington, Temple and some Wilton areas.   
I just found out my public water system is on a Boil Water Order, what should I do and what do I need to know?
Please see Boil Order 
My public water system is on a Boil Water Order. Can I still use the water for my pets?
Many pets will be unaffected by consuming water under a Boil Water Order but some may be affected. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to include your pet in the Boil Water Order. For specific guidance on your individual pet, we recommend you contact a veterinarian.